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All of our Magic Mushrooms are sourced from local growers that take pride in their work. All of our Magic Mushrooms are grown without the use of harsh chemicals in an organic manner. As a result, we provide the cleanest experience possible. Furthermore, our mushrooms are grown in a sterile and controlled atmosphere inside. We receive our mushrooms fresh and preserve them properly, unlike some of our competitors. All of our product images are of actual goods that we have on hand. We've been in the area since 2015. We've recently expanded into the online world as a result of recent expansions. With our mail order Magic Mushroom service, Americans can easily obtain Magic Mushrooms Online from the comfort of their own homes. We use USPS, GTLA to send discreetly within 24 hours and more depending on the location of your home address. After package registration, a tracking number is sent to clients so they will be able to track their package to know its time of departure and arrival

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