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Buy Melmac Penis Envy USA, how to grow organic penis envy mushroom Connecticut, purchase Penis Envy Alaska, Melmac Penis Envy for sale Arkansas, Melmac Penis Envy magic mushroom is a strain that is derived from the original Penis Envy founded by psychonauts Terrence McKenna and Steven Pollock. Like the original strain, this Magic Mushroom retains similar features such as potency and stem to cap ratio. When compared to other mushrooms in the psilocybe cubensis family, the Melmac Penis Envy can contain double to triple the amount of psilocybin and psilocin.

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Penis Envy Magic Mushroom - Top Psychedelic

Mutated and cultured, a spore company in the 80’s called Homestead created this wonderful variant of the Penis Envy. The Melmac Penis Envy is distinguished by its alien-like features. The stem of the shroom has tendencies to be distorted while the caps have wavy edges. With its recognizable thick long stem and smaller cap, it is very easy to tell this mushroom strain apart from others.

The Melmac Penis Envy is definitely a Magic Mushroom to be used with caution as it is very potent. It is not suitable for beginners and even experienced users should plan their trip properly. Many people report experiencing a deep shamanic and spiritual experience. At lower doses, this strain is great for treating depression because it gives a very uplifting and energetic high.

Melmac Penis Envy for sale Arkansas

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Dosage recommendations:

Creative dose: 0.5 Grams to 1.25 Gram

Medium Recreational dose: 1.5 Grams to 2 Grams

Full Recreational dose: 2 Grams to 3.5 Grams

!!Caution!! Do not mix magic mushroom products with alcohol or other anti-depression medication (SSRI) as it dulls the experience or blocks it completely.

Keep product stored at room temperature in a dry environment away from direct sunlight. Also keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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