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one up chocolate bar 

one up mushroom chocolate bar where to buy by the Super Mario video games. The greatest chocolates and potent psychedelic highs of magic mushrooms are combined in these ONE-UP mushroom bars. These ONE-UP mushrooms are utilized to instantly power up players in the Super Mario Video Games. Since customers have reported feeling energized and happy after eating these chocolate bars, it may be said that they have a comparable effect in real life.

You might be asking why a chocolate bar would be preferable to dried mushrooms. The gist of it is that our milk chocolate bar is not only delectable but also equipped to uplift you. Although dried mushrooms are excellent, they have several drawbacks. Many psychonauts have stomach distress after eating dry mushrooms.
This is because magic mushrooms have robust cell walls formed of a substance known as chitin. This chitin can be challenging to break down and result in uncomfortable side effects like nausea or bloating. Making shroom tea is a popular choice among many individuals as a result. Instead, we chose to develop a tasty, ready-to-eat mushroom edible that doesn’t need any preparation.

what are the Effects/Benefits of one up mushrooms chocolate Bars?

One Up Mushroom chocolate bar consumption causes effects to appear 20 to 30 minutes later. Your eye vision, your surroundings, and even how you perceive time could start to change. You might feel sparkling lights that are opening up and having a really weird, happy experience known as a psychedelic trip.
The advantages of mushroom chocolate one-up bars are numerous and directly related to psilocybin. People who now use psychedelic magic mushrooms as a natural therapeutic cure for PTSD, panic attacks, or anxiety attacks.
Psilocybin has shown to be a successful treatment for alcohol and tobacco addiction.
The benefits of psychiatry have long been known.

Many scientists have studied the potential of psychoactive chemicals, such as psilocybin mushrooms, to treat behavioral disorders and, in particular, to care for the terminally ill and cancer patients.
The mind-altering high you get from taking psilocybin magic mushrooms or related goods like the One Up chocolate mushroom bar is the substance’s most recognized side effect.
Magic mushrooms can also speed up the process of achieving rapid eye movement, which is the stage of sleep that allows you to go incredibly deep.

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