Blue Foot Mushroom

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blue foot mushrooms USA. The name “blue foot mushroom” refers to the fungus’s distinctively blue stem base. Shop online for blue foot mushrooms. The most uncommon psilocybe mushroom is the blue foot fungus, which is highly prized for genetic engineering and preservation. Shop online for blue foot mushrooms.

Important Blue Foot Mushroom Disclaimer
We will provide some guidance on how to recognize blue-foot psilocybe mushrooms below. . And make sure to hunt alongside a skilled forager.

how to cook blue foot mushrooms 

Blue Foot Mushrooms Information and Facts
blue foot mushroom dried

people who eat deadly mushrooms pass away.

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We suggest Paul Stamets’ Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World: An Identification Guide for a more thorough examination of blue-foot psilocybe and other psilocybin mushrooms. The images and captions are really detailed.  There are no short cuts in this subject.

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Blue Foot Mushroom Etymology “Buy Blue Foot Mushroom Online
The blue foot or agaricus caerulipes are other names for the blue-foot psilocybe. It belongs to the family Hymenogastraceae.

The Blue Foot Mushroom’s appearance.
Blue foot mushroom caps
As blue-foot mushrooms mature, their conic caps transform into convex ones. The caps enlarge by 1 to 2.5 cm. Initially inward, their edges gradually take on a convex form before flattening out. A wet gelatinous pellicle covers the margin’s outside surface.

blue foot psilocybe | psilocybe caerulipes potency 

The surfaces of the caps become translucent, glossy, and dry. On the peak of the cap, they have a protrusion that resembles a nipple.

Blue foot mushrooms from Gills.
The gills get very close together and nearly appear crowded. They have a sinuate attachment and are narrow.  They have white, slightly fimbriate borders.

Blue foot mushroom spores.
They are ellipsoidal, thick, and dark purple-brown in color. bluefoot mushrooms, bluefoot mushroom, blue foot mushroom psychedelic. organicmushroomdispensary offer the best blue foot mushrooms now are days


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8 reviews for Blue Foot Mushroom

  1. eunice

    Only tried micro dosing so far, but I can feel great potency. Excellent for mood, focus and motivation and I can’t wait to try a full macro dose.

  2. james

    Strong and tasty. Fast acting. Highly recommended.

  3. john

    Ok. Be ready is not enough. BE PREPARED. I was there with one specific intent and I got the hyper traumatic response I asked for. The most beautiful hours of my existence. I’m 68. Followed by the most painful hours too. Not just morally. Physically too. I’m letting some time for myself to digest the day before doing a second dose.
    It started in less than 20 minutes. A bit fast, maybe too high a dose FOR ME. 3.5 g.
    I was filled with infinite love. I experienced what I never dreamt of in term of sustained ecstasy. At one point, you stop trying to find words for what you are experiencing. Then pure love lets the place to a mix of love and laughs. Like it should be in real life. This is when I realised I did not drink water enough before dosing. I was able though to disconnect and go for a drink and get back where the action was.
    Then, and it was expected, the real dark part happened to me. Tough. But after each wave, I could decide to go further or not. I was behaving like an insect full of dirt trying to find my way deeper into hell not out. Deeper or not, you decide but at that point you decide not that much. (I’m happy not to have recorded me on video). I took the decision while dosing and was ready for the bad part. I got it. All for the price of a BigMc trio. Hahahahaahaha
    Right now, I smell the worst of my life. I sweat a big lot. I am dehydrated (be careful if you expect trauma).
    I am ready for part II.
    Again BE PREPARED.

  4. roseline

    I think it’s the most likely the best product they carry, very hard hitting not for beginners in my opinion

  5. Tommy Mike

    Excellent. I’ve been making sub-par mushrooms for too long. No more. I followed to the T, everything other than the lemon as I didn’t have one on hand. I also noted and followed the tips, particularly to get a good brown on em, and salt at the end. Was great with salmon and rice pilaf. Deglazed with apple juice.

  6. Anna

    I cannot wait for the next recipe that you will share. Thank you for inspiring us to cook healthy options.

  7. Troy

    Wow!! So simple and so good! My husband and I both LOVED! Thanks for the great recipe and tips!

  8. Jackson

    Excellent and quick as always

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