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Blue Meanie mushrooms are thought to be among the most powerful in the world. When compared to other Shroom strains, they have double to treble the normal quantity of Psilocybin. The blue coloration along the stem is the Blue Meanies’ most distinguishing feature.

Even the most seasoned mushroom enthusiasts will be surprised by the potency of Blue Meanie mushrooms. Users of this Magic Mushroom strain will experience vivid sights, a strong physical sensation, and a rush of exhilaration.

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blue meanie mushroom spores.The Psilocybe cubensis species is assumed to have been the source of the Blue Meanie strain in Southeastern Australia. Its name comes from the blue bruising that develops wherever the body is struck. Medium to large fruiting bodies with thick, dense stalks and a golden caramel to tan, frequently white speckled top are some of its distinguishing aesthetic features. Panneolus cyanscens is also known as “blue meanie” in common usage (a different mushroom species).blue meanie mushroom spores
To avoid confusion, Three Amigo’s mushroom is a P. Cubensis species.
This psilocybin mushroom is the strongest we have. If you are taking psilocybin for the first time, we do not recommend ingesting this strain of mushroom.
In comparison to other P. cubensis strains, Blue Meanie is more potent.

Blue meanie mushroom effects Online

Eating Blue Meanie mushrooms is their best feature. After eating your Blue Meanie mushrooms, it’s time to relax and take it easy. You’ll get a strong physical sensation and a rush of exhilaration after 1-3 hours. Before you realize what’s happening, Blue Meanies start to take effect strongly and you’ll find yourself in the middle of a trip.  You’ll observe that the visions get more intense as the effects get stronger. You should only eat Blue Meanie mushrooms in a home with a sitter because of their overbearing character. assist you. Generally speaking, depending on how much you ingest, the effects of blue meanie mushrooms can last anywhere from 6 to 18 hours or longer. The following are some side effects that you could experience while taking Blue Meanie mushrooms.


Potency and Dosages

With twice or thrice the amount of psilocybin and psilocin present, blue meanies are two times faster and stronger than P. Cubensis. The effects are fast, intense, and long-lasting as well. One can achieve as much or more substantial effect from half the amount of blue meanies as P. Cubensis. learn more


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11 reviews for Buy Blue Meanies Mushrooms

  1. Christy Wiskeman

    What an incredible place. Extensive selection of mushrooms, mushroom products (jerky, tea, meat rubs, and so so much more). Owners are so friendly and knowledgeable. Doesn’t feel like you’re going into just spend money…you go in check out all the cool products, gain some knowledge, sample some stuff and just relax. So happy this is here in long Branch! The jerky is so so addicting btw!

  2. Smith Christmas

    Started buying mushrooms at the farmers market in Tom ball and I have fallen in love with them all over again. The Lone Star Mushrooms are so fresh and taste so wonderful. You have to get there early because they sell out.

  3. ShireenGonzaga

    Always a pleasure to shop here. The staff is extremely friendly, and they offer a wide variety of products like tinctures, herbs, mushroom jerky, etc. If you want to support a great local business, then skip the store bought mushrooms and get yourself something special!

  4. Debbie Boettger

    I was recommended here by a friend and I am absolutely pleased. Michael was very friendly and helpful. I will be back for more

  5. Tolson Taylor

    I could give 10 star’s if I could… I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety and finding this place was a miracle for me. I highly recommend the LIONS MANE. I’m recently giving a try to the DEAL WITH IT AND PASSION FLOWER and till now I’m going to say that they do their job too and the service I always get that’s the also deserves the 10 star’s 👍👏👏👏💯💚🍄💚

  6. Terry Wilhite

    superfast delivery thanks

  7. Nhoc Semus

    Incredible mushrooms and you gotta try the mushroom coffee! It’s delicious and invigorating.

  8. Peggy Gilges

    Such a unique place to get mushrooms! I love their selection of lion’s mane and they sell jerky, spices, and dried herbs as well. The woman who owns the place is so kind and accommodating!

  9. Marilyn Finnemore

    Got mushrooms from this shop farmers market. Excellent quality and service. Would highly recommend!!

  10. Mary Cullings Wright

    I really enjoyed talking to the guys and I picked up mushroom coffee. I’ll definitely go back for the mushroom jerky!

  11. Kathryn Treanor

    I absolutely love this place and all the people who made this place happen ❤ the owner Michael is an amazing guy! He know his stuff!! They’re doing great things!! I recommend this place to everyone I know!!! If you haven’t checked them out I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend you as soon as possible!!!! You must, please check them out on Saturdays and Sunday’s at several farmers markets on then north side, cypress and spring area!!

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