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For seasoned users, Wollygong magic mushroom is a must try strain. Unlike other strains, the visual effects of this mushroom are spectacular. Prepare yourself for a spiritual voyage filled with reality-bending colors, hallucinations, and in-depth philosophical reflection. If ego-loss or ego-death is something you’d like to experience, this magical mushroom strain is the one for you (at higher dosage).

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Wollygong Magic Mushrooms strain online. The Illawarra region of Wollongong, Australia, is where the Wollongong Magic Mushroom strain was initially discovered. It is a member of the cubensis family and a particularly special, strong strain. We advise more seasoned psychonauts to take the Wollongong because its effects can be potent and occasionally overwhelming for beginner users. A typical dose of 2-4g can provide extraordinarily potent visual hallucinations, along with a strong sensation of connectedness to the divine and the universe.

How to Take Wollygong Magic Mushrooms

The amazing thing about Wollygong magic mushrooms is that there are countless ways to consume them; the possibilities are endless. Eating them raw or brewing a shroom tea are our preferred options.
You can always add some peanut butter to a dish to disguise the flavor of magic mushrooms. Making magic mushroom tea is a favorite of ours because eating mushrooms raw can cause sickness.
Prepare your Wollygong magic mushrooms in a blender, then measure out your dosage. The mushrooms should be mixed with some hot water, then steeped for ten to fifteen minutes.
A delicious cup of mushroom tea will be produced when the mushroom parts have been removed. Just be aware that mushroom tea kicks in a little quicker.


Wollongong’s recreational dose has calming, uplifting, and mood-lifting effects that make users happy and receptive to conversation. As the shrooms heighten the senses, one comes to have a profound appreciation for music. This increases the impact and significance of music’s vibrations and sounds. The Wollongong strain promotes a sense of unity with the people and environment around you, making it the perfect option for a trip with friends.
Vivid visions and contemplation are brought on by the disease’s progression. This is a great moment to assess your life and find the solutions you need. One encounters odd new colors, spiritual sensations, and mild hallucinations as the dose grows psychedelic. Transcendence is unavoidable as one’s ego is destroyed once the effects reach their greatest levels. An individual changes as a result of this life-changing event. An individual with non-biased perspectives and increased openness to other people and their environment as a result of this life-altering experience.
After ingestion, the Wollongong effects begin to take action 10 to 30 minutes later and last for 5 to 6 hours. Make the necessary preparations to ensure a smooth experience. Prepare a list of psychedelic music, water, and food in advance so that all you have to do on the trip is unwind and take it all in. It is always advised to have a knowledgeable sitter with you during the psychedelic excursion. study more


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