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Aztec god mushrooms Detroit MI – The terms “magic mushrooms,” “shrooms,” and the well-known “liberty cap” all refer to the same awesome fungus. What makes these mushrooms unique, and why was their discovery crucial to comprehending the spiritual beliefs of the Aztec people?

Aztec God Potency & Psilocybin Content

The Aztec God strain is average in terms of potency — somewhere around 0.50–0.70% psilocybin and 0.10% – 0.20% psilocin (0.60% – 0.90% total tryptamines).

It’s important to take the potency recommendations of mushroom strains with a grain of salt.

We often turn to the results from Oakland Hyphae’s Psilocybin Cup for more accurate and more recent psilocybin content readings.

History and relevance in religious ceremonies

Aztec God psilocybin mushrooms were first reported by Roger Heim, a French mycologist who discovered and studied them in 1956 in the Popocatepetl Mountains in Mexico. Before his discovery, anecdotal evidence shows the possible use of the Aztec God mushroom in Aztec religious activities Aztec god mushrooms Detroit MI.

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 The statue features a dilated pupil, suggesting the effect of psychedelic mushrooms Aztec God Shroom Strain Oregon

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The Aztecs have a long history of utilizing several plants and animals within their society. These plants form a large part of their medicine and religious rituals. Aztec God mushrooms were an important part of these gatherings.

Final thoughts – Order Aztec Gods Mushroom Online

In Aztec communities, strains of the mushroom known as Aztec God are highly prized. Because they are strong and have a tendency to induce spiritual visions during the experience, the mushrooms live up to their name.

Since these mushrooms are difficult to cultivate, they are primarily harvested from the wild. They favor high-elevation wood substrates. Although they can also grow on standard substrates, some growers have reported success growing these mushrooms on manure mixed with wood chips. When grown on regular substrates, their yield is constrained.

For novices and microdosing, Aztec God mushrooms are excellent. Their potent effects can cause extended trips when taken in high doses.



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