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Please note, however, that in many jurisdictions growing psychoactive mushrooms is illegal, though possessing the spores or liquid culture usually isn’t. That means suppliers are not breaking the law to sell spores or culture or un-inoculated substrate or other supplies—but putting these items together and growing mushrooms may be a very serious crime. Again, it’s important for new, would-be growers to learn about current law in their area, to avoid breaking the law by accident. Regardless of the law, this doesn’t stop people from microdosing mushrooms.

Buying Supplies | Where to order B+ Magic Mushrooms.

Whether using a kit or starting from scratch, a grower is going to have to source supplies from somewhere. It’s important to keep in mind that not all suppliers are equal and not all are even remotely adequate—the industry is completely unregulated. It’s not uncommon for kits to arrive contaminated or  for bottles of culture to contain spores from the wrong strain or even the wrong species. Some would-be growers have bought bottles that turned out to contain nothing but water.

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B+ strain mushrooms. B+ is a variety of the well-known hallucinogenic fungus Psilocybe cubensis. USA B+ Magic Mushrooms for sale. Because it is simple to deal with, accepts a very wide range of growing conditions and substrates, and yields enormous, thick heads, the B+ strain is well-liked by growers. USA B+ Magic Mushrooms for sale. B+ is not the slowest growing P. cubensis strain, but it is also not the fastest either. Depending on the growth environment, color can vary slightly; aficionados call the huge golden to caramel-colored caps “lovely.” Buy B+ Magic Mushrooms in the U.S.
Since many authors only discuss P. cubensis[ii] in relation to its use as a “magic” mushroom, it can be challenging to understand anything about it. Even while the “magic” may be the object of someone’s primary curiosity, understanding the mushroom provides important background.

Harvesting and Storage of B+ Magic Mushroom.

It is better to gather the mushrooms before they reach full maturity, when the veil covering the gills is still there. However, growers who want to create their own liquid culture should allow one or more mushrooms to reach full maturity so that they can begin to produce spores.
Although fresh mushrooms don’t survive long, someone producing for their own consumption is unlikely to consume a whole flush in a short period of time. Thankfully, P. cubensis freezes and dries nicely. A food dehydrator is necessary for complete drying (See: The Best Food Dehydrator for Mushrooms).

Effects of B+ Magic Mushrooms – Buy magic mushroom online USA

Generally speaking, psilocybin-containing mushrooms affect mood and perception, and not necessarily for the better[v]. Users could experience either euphoria or fear. Hallucinations (which range from mild to severe) can be both beautiful and unsettling. There could be an illusion of reality. On mushrooms, a lot of individuals get great spiritual insights. The exact effects of a particular mushroom experience depend on the type and species of mushroom, the dosage, and the user’s mental state. It is possible to increase the likelihood of a positive encounter.
There is some evidence that these mushrooms may be helpful for treating a range of medical ailments, such as severe headaches and depression, aside from their psychedelic effects.
Particularly the B+ strain is known for being incredibly spiritual, “warm,” and visual. It’s thought to be an excellent strain for beginners despite certain risks.

B+ mushroom characteristics – Psilocybe Mushroom for sale Online
  •  Cultivation difficulty: Very Easy
  •  Substrate: Dung, Straw, Various grains
  •  Potency: Moderate
  •  Colonization time: 8-15 days
  •  Colonization temperature: 28 – 30 Celsius
  •  Fruiting temperature: 23 – 26 Celsius

Oozing natural beauty, beginning cultivators praise this strain for their tasteful caramel/golden caps and thick juicy stems.

And in addition to physical appearance, it’s noteworthy that the B+ ranks high in it’s quality and abundance of spores. Buy B+ strain mushrooms with us today.


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