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Hillbilly Cubensis mushrooms are a contemporary strain with strong bodily feelings and mind-blowing sights. This magical mushroom comes from Arkansas, USA, and is very popular in the south. This Psilocybe cubensis strain, like Moon Shine, packs a punch! Take a trip to the outback with this American Shroom.

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Hillbilly Cubensis USA. The strain known as HillBilly Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis HillBilly) comes from Arkansas, which has a long-standing reputation for producing moonshine. The strain’s creator’s forum username is Hill Billy, which is also the name of the strain. Our thorough investigation of this strain reveals that it first appeared on mycology forums online in the early 2000s. The mycologist discovered the HillBilly strain naturally occurring in Arkansas. In this state, mushrooms are typically discovered between May and August when the weather is warm and the appropriate quantity of rainfall is recorded.

The HillBilly shrooms are well recognized for their high levels of contamination resistance, rapid colonization, and rapid fruit growth. Caps on these mushrooms are often light golden or caramel in color. have medium-tall, robust stems. Hillbilly Cubensis USA

The Growth Characteristics of Hillbilly Mushrooms

Southerners favor the Hillbilly Cubensis, a rather potent type of magic mushroom. People say they are having fun and laughing a lot. This strain grows rapidly and establishes colonies quickly. The Hillbilly Cubensis variety has a shallow, bottle-cap-shaped crown that is flat and has a bright orange core that fades to practically white borders. The Hillbilly’s stem starts out thicker at the tip and tapers down closer to the base of the mushroom; it has a little smaller diameter than the cap. These mushroom spores are a great all-around magic mushroom for novice and intermediate researchers. This strain’s spores are also fascinating to observe under a microscope learn more

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